What I’m working on now

Hi, my name is Patrick, and i'm working on different online projects at the moment. I just quit my job as an business consultant (SAP consultant) and I started to travel the world, in Southeast Asia at the moment.

My main projects are an affiliate site for specialized pet food and a website about my hobby: FPV racing drones.

Beyond that I am very interested in FBA. I am thinking about creating an own brand for high-quality everyday-use design objects.

This website is in German for starters and beginners who are interested in FPV racing. Fpv racing drones flown with goggles on your head so you can see from the point of view from the Drone. This hobby is just amazing! Have a look at the videos on the front page of the side:

Dogs and kittens. Calm is a website about specialized pet food. It's for Senior Dogs and Senior cats, as well as diabetic food for diabetic pets. You can also find an ebook to download for the basics of pet nutrition:

This is a blog about everyday use design objects, which come in black period this is an free project of what I want to do / Amazon FBA. I want to design Everyday Use objects, but in a very high-quality way and in minimalistic Black design.