As someone who loves to create websites, I was thrilled when GIZ, the Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit, invited me to participate in a webinar as a speaker. The topic was „How to build up a project page„. During the webinar, I presented the project website for the NepalStrokeProject, which is part of the Hospital Partnership Program.

The Hospital Partnership Program is an initiative that aims to improve healthcare. The program focuses on strengthening partnerships between hospitals in Germany and hospitals in other countries to enhance healthcare services and promote the exchange of knowledge and experience.

I’m grateful for the opportunity that GIZ provided me to contribute my skills and knowledge about project websites. It was a wonderful experience to work with the other participants, who were equally enthusiastic and committed..

During the webinar, I shared my expertise in website design and development, how to address the different stakeholders and the other participants had plenty of interesting questions, especially about hosting and cost of creation. I’m proud of the result and excited to see the other project websites that are going to be created.

The GIZ Project Website Building Invitation, plus a picture of the participants of the Webinar
The invitation and some participants of the webinar

Overall, working with GIZ and participating in the Hospital Partnership Program was a fantastic experience. I appreciate the chance to use my skills to contribute to such an important initiative, and I’m looking forward to future collaborations with GIZ and other organizations that share similar goals.

If you’re interested in learning more about GIZ and the Hospital Partnership Program, you can visit their website at and, respectively.

If you need help setting up your project website, visit

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